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Pet Loss Resources at I Remember You

Pet Loss - Dog and Boy

Welcome to the Pet Loss Resources Blog on I Remember You

Welcome to I Remember You’s Pet Loss Resources blog. We’re glad that you are here and seeking more information about pet loss and pet grief.

Pet loss is hard for many pet parents. In 2012, over 62 percent of U.S. households included at least one pet.* It’s safe to say that if you are experiencing grief related to pet loss, you are certainly not alone.

The relationship between humans and pets can vary significantly and so can our feelings about when we lose our pets. We all experience grief in different ways and at different times.

Real Resources to Help You with Grief Related to Pet Loss

Pet Loss - Cat snuggling with womanOur goal for I Remember You is to provide a place of healing and understanding for families and individuals who feel grief or loss due to the death or illness of a pet. If you have come here seeking more understanding on behalf a family member, friend or co-worker, we applaud you for caring about your loved one.

On this pet loss blog, you will find:

  • Online resources on how to cope with grief relating to pet loss,
  • Books and offline reading materials relating to pet grief,
  • Articles from veterinary and mental health experts,
  • Thoughtful ways and ideas to memorialize your pet,
  • Ideas and tips about how families and children cope with pet loss together.

We hope this blog helps anyone and everyone coping with pet related grief. If you have a question or feedback about the blog, or I Remember You, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Page.

*Statistic from APPA study