I am lighting this candle to show off this moment in time that captures the silliness of Slider my cat, because it makes me smile and because Slider was a special cat to me for 16 years. During his life, he was such a crack up, making me laugh often. His strangeness was lovely to me. He was temperamental, he was silly, and he could be pretty uncoordinated. He was unique and pushed my buttons often, on purpose, for over 14 years. In the last year of his life everything changed as he needed support and care. The bond we formed then was not something expected nor that I was prepared for but I will ever be grateful for it. I loved being his Mom and I still miss him. RIP Slider til I see you again.

Love to Slider from Grandma too.

This candle will
burn until
1/19/2018 9:56:14 PM.

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