In honor of the pets lost to Hurricane Sandy on the one-year anniversary

On the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Mike Arms has placed a lifetime memorial candle on the site in memory of the pets that lost their lives to the devastation. Arms, who last year assisted with the rescue and transport of 47 orphaned dogs and cats affected by the storm, has thought often of the pet-owners who were unable to save their beloved friends. Hurricane Sandy pet-owners may use this lifetime memorial candle to provide a place to visit and honor their lost pets. Leave comments below as a place to share memories and process your grief, while the undying light of their pets’ love and spirit glows in remembrance.

“The loss of homes, businesses and personal items that came with this tragedy was challenging enough to overcome. The loss of a pet that provides unconditional love and comfort at a time like that is too much to imagine. These pet-owners deserve a comforting place to find closure, process their grief and unite with others who suffered the same loss.” -Mike Arms

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Pets Lost During Hurricane Sandy
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